Filing Fee - $200.00

Please provide all information requested below to assist in conducting a thorough investigation of this incident. This information will also help build a database to guide us in furthering damage prevention. Please use a separate report for each incident. Thank you for your time.

Thank you for submitting your Report of Probable Violation. The Maryland Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Authority will review your report and respond with our decision as to next steps. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jim Barron at 410-782-2102  or email us at

Part A - Contact Information:

Maryland Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Authority
7223 Parkway Drive, Suite 210
Hanover, MD 21076

Part B - Who is submitting this information:

Who should be contacted if different than above?

Was this matter brought before the Local Damage Prevention Meeting?* Yes No

If so, when:*

I understand this is a non-refundable fee.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at the phone number or email address listed above.

Part C - Incident Info.: (incident date = date of discovery)

Incident Location:*

Public Property

Private Property

Utility Easement Latitude

City Right of Way

County Right of Way

State Right of Way Longitude

Name of party in violation:*

Contact information of party in violation:


Was there a statute violated?* Yes No Not Sure

* If yes, please specify which statute was violated:

(b) (1) Reasonable Care during excavation under an Emergency Ticket
(b) (2) Failure to call in an Emergency Excavation
(c) Abuse of an Emergency Ticket

(a) Failure to register with the Commission
(c) (1) Underground Facilities Information Exchange System not installed or available
(c) (2) Underground Facilities Information Exchange System not available to any caller at all times

(a) (1) An Owner shall be a member of a One-Call System
(a) (2) An Owner shall register with the One-Call System
(a) (3) The Department of Transportation, its administrations, and the Maryland Transportation Authority shall be members
(b) (1) Required submissions
(b) (2) Keep contact information current

(a) Person that intends to perform an excavation or demolition shall initiate a ticket (1st or subsequent offense)
(b) (1) Location of proposed excavation or demolition
(b) (2) Is excavation or demolition in DOT (or affiliate) Right-of-Way
(b) (3) Type of Work proposed
(c) (1) Transmit Ticket to affected Owner-Members
(c) (2) Transmit Ticket to Department of Transportation and Affiliates
(c) (3) 12 Business Day Ticket Life

(a) (1) A person shall repeat notification if work not completed within ticket life, §12-124 (c) (3)
(a) (2) A person shall repeat notification if excavation or demolition area expanded
(b) (1) No exemption to repeat notification for 24-hour or 48-hour delays
(b) (2) No exemption to repeat notification if there's an agreement for time markings

(a) (1) Owner-Member shall mark facility if within 5 feet of proposed excavation or demolition
(a) (2) Owner-Member shall mark facility if blasting is planned near excavation or demolition
(b) (1) Owner-Member shall mark within 18" on horizontal plane on either side of facility
(b) (2) (i) Owner-Member shall marking using APWA color codes
(b) (2) (ii) If multiple Owner-Members share the same color, each owner-member shall include information with marks
(c) Owner-Member must mark the facility within 2 business days after the day the ticket is transferred
(c) (1) Owner-Member must report to underground facilities information exchange system that the facility is marked
(c) (2) Owner-Member must report to underground facilities information exchange system no facilities in vicinity
(d) (1) Due to scope of work owner-member can't mark in time, they shall:
(d) (1) (i) Notify underground facilities information exchange system and the person performing the excavation or demolition
(d) (1) (ii) Work the person performing the excavation or demolition to develop a mutually agreeable schedule for marking
(d) (2) If an agreement can't be reached, the owner-member shall mark where excavation or demolition will first occur
(d) (3) 24-hour or 48-hour delay
(d) (4) Working agreements for extensive or contiguous excavation or demolition

(a) A Person may begin excavation or demolition only after they receive notification that:
(a) (1) The owner-member has marked the underground facilities in accordance with §12-126 (c)
(a) (2) The owner-member has marked the underground facilities in accordance with §12-126 (d)
(a) (3) The owner-member has reported they hav eno underground facilities in the vicinity of the excavation or demolition
(b) (1) The person performing the excavation or demolition is responsible for the maintenance of the marks
(b) (2) If marks are obiterated, destroyed or removed the person shall repeat the notification required under §12-124
(c) (1) A person performing an excavation or demolition shall exercise due care to avoid to damage to a marked facility
(c) (2) Before using mechanized equipment within 18 inches of the marks the person shall test pit by nondestructive means
(c) (3) A person may not use mechanized equipment within 18 inches of an exposed facility
(d) (1) A person performing an excavation or demolition must contact the owner-member if they discover or cause damage
(d) (2) If the damage causes the escape of flammable, toxic or corrosive gas or liquid they must call 911
(e) (1) A person may not begin an excavation or demolition if there is "clear evidence" of unmarked facilities unless
(e) (1) (i) They have repeated the notification required under §12-124 and
(e) (1) (ii) They have received notification confirming that all notified owner-members have marked their facilities
(e) (1) (ii) (1) Per §12-126 (c)
(e) (1) (ii) (2) Per §12-126 (d)
(d) (1) If all requirements under §12-127 (e) (1) have been met, the person can proceed with the excavation or demolition

(a) A political subdivision, municipal corporation, the Department of Transportation, an administration of the Department of Transportation, or the Maryland Transportation Authority may charge a one-time marking fee not exceeding $35
(b) If re-marking is required per any subtitle of Title 12, any of the entities specified in subsection a of this subtitle may charge a one-time re-marking fee not exceeding $15

(a) Any new or replacement undetectable piping installed after October 1, 2015 must be buried with detectable wire
(b) (1) Wire must be insulated copper tracer wire, at least american wire gauge 10 or equivalent
(b) (2) (i) Must be installed in the same trench as the piping
(b) (2) (ii) Must be installed within 12 inches of the piping
(b) (2) (iii) Must terminate above grade resistant to physical damage such as a cleanout or building wall
(b) (3) (i) Must run from 5 fee of the building wall to the point it intersects with the water supply or sewerage system
(b) (3) (ii) Or to the point where the sewerage system disposes of or processes sewage
(c) §12-129 does not apply to pipe repairs or partial pipe replacements

Maryland Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Law:

Part D - Excavator Information:

Part E - Excavator Category:*

Contractor working for government
Contractor working for self
Contractor working for other
Contractor working for utility
Property owner/occupant
Municipality employee
Private individual
County employee
State employee
Utility employee
Railroad employee

Part F - Type of Excavation Activity:*

Bldg construction
Bldg demolition
Bldg reconstruction
Curb/sidewalk work
Drainage work
Driveway work
Fence work
Lot grading
Plumbing/septic work
Roadway maintenance
Site development
Traffic signal/system
Road construction
Setting poles
Parallel Excavation Yes No
Exposing (pot holing) facility Yes No

Part G - Type of Excavation

Equipment Type:*


Method of Excavation:*

Hand Dig
Pavement Milling
*If method is "boring", list boring technique Directional or Missle:

Part H - Description of damage

What type of facility was damaged?*

Hazardous Liquid Pipeline

Utility line function:



Part I - Incident Impact:

Did the fire department respond? Yes No

Did the police department respond? Yes No

Was evacuation necessary? Yes No

Was traffic stopped or detoured? Yes No

Was there a service interruption? Yes No

Part J - Notification center information:

Did the person have a valid ticket? Yes No

Did the person check Underground Facilities Information Exchange System? Yes No

How: Phone Fax Back Website Email

Type of Ticket:

Regular 15 Working Day

Remark Notice



Special Project


Part K - Locating/Marking of Utility Line:

NOTE: Please attach, mail, or fax a copy of the "locator's manifest" and location sketch with this report if available.

Mail to: Maryland Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Authority, 7223 Parkway Drive, Suite 210 Hanover, MD 21076

Fax to: 410-712-0838

Who marked this line? Facility Owner/Operator Contract Locator

Was the line marked prior to the damage? Yes No

What types of marks were present? Paint Flags Stakes

Describe the condition of the marks in the proposed excavation area: Bright Visible Faded Destroyed No Marks

Were facilities visible (clear evidence) in the excavation area? Yes No

Were facilities marked in accordance with Maryland law and local practices? Yes No

Locator's Manifest:

Location Sketch:

Document 1:
By typing my full name in the space provided , I hereby certify that I am competent to testify as a witness and I am over the age of 18 years. Further, I solemnly affirm under the penalties of perjury that the contents of the foregoing facts are true to the best of my knowledge, information and belief. *
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1. Your check should be made out to Maryland Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Authority

2. Mail your check to Maryland Underground Facilities Damage Prevention Authority, 7223 Parkway Drive, Suite 210 Hanover, MD 21076

3. Please note on your check "Probable Violation PV-26291-W"

Billing Information

My billing information is the same as my information in part B.

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Last Name:*
Zip Code:*

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Card Number:*
Expiration Date:*

*Required information.
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